A two day photography adventure in Tiburon by the Bay

Known for its world-class views, here are our 10 favorite spots to capture the essence of your Tiburon experience. We suggest planning a two day trip, during which you'll be able to put your own spin on these perfect 10 + bonus shots around town.

360 Bay Area Views from Angel Island

You are going to have trouble editing down to a few posts from this spot with 360 degree views of the San Francisco Bay. We suggest a David Hockney style collage to capture your experience. 

How To:

Board the Angel Island-Tiburon Ferry from the ferry dock on the Tiburon shoreline. After your short ride out to Angel Island, you'll follow the Perimeter Road for an easy 5 mile hike packed with views. 

Swinging Like a Hippie

Don't overthink this one. Everyone needs a selfie on a swing that looks like you're pushed out over the San Francisco Bay.

How To:

Find the Hippie Tree. It's a hunt, but it's worth it!

Golden Gate Bridge From Elephant Rock Pier

So many photos of the Golden Gate Bridge exist, but you can be one of the few who captures it from the unique angle at the end of this Tiburon pier.

How To:

A short stroll from downtown via Shoreline Park, you'll see Elephant Rock Pier jutting out from the shoreline.

San Francisco City Lights From Shoreline Park

When night falls in Tiburon by the Bay, the light show begins. As the sky and San Francisco Bay goes dark, San Francisco's skyline lights up, showing the lucky few on the Tiburon shoreline her only-in-Tiburon view. 

How To:

Claim a bench along the shoreline, or stake out an evening picnic spot on the grass.

St. Hilary's a la Ansel Adams

You can't go wrong borrowing inspiration from one of America's greatest photographers. He was inspired by this chapel on the hill, and so will you be.

How To:

First, have a look at Ansel Adams' St. Hilary's photo, and read up on the history of the Chapel. Now you're ready to head up the hill to capture your shot.

Bicycling on Old Rail Trail

What's better than capturing Bay and Mt. Tamalpais views on this picturesque trail?  A beautifully curated picnic basket, of course!

How To:

Rent your bicycles (with baskets) from Pedgo Electric Bikes on Main Street, then cycle to Woodlands Market to stock up on provisions. You're off! Pedego will provide you with a  map for this easy flat trail. 

That Ice Cream Cone Shot

We cannot get enough of the hand holding the ice cream cone. Always charming. Recreate yours with a cone from The Grass Shack, and stage it along the shoreline for a contrast with the San Francisco skyline.

How To:

The Grass Shack is located one block from Main Street and Shoreline Park

That Cocktail Shot

It's not enough to just capture your beautiful cocktail. You have make sure your background is amazing too.

How To:

Post up with a cocktail at bayside spots like GuaymasServinoLuna BluSam's Anchor Cafe, Tanoshi Sushi, and The Caprice

Sailing Away

Total bragging rights: a sunset sail leaving from the shores of Tiburon to take in all the San Francisco Bay highlights: the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Angel Island, and of course Tiburon by the Bay in the distance.

How To:

Book your sunset sail with Angel Island Tiburon Ferry, or Tideline Water Taxi.

Sitting on The Dock of The Bay

So many opportunities for great photography with a pier that runs out to open water. Jump for joy. Peacefully look into the distance. Go for the romantic kiss. Consider the two piers in Tiburon your personal selfie station. 

How To:

Head over to Paradise Beach State Park, by car or rent a bike from Pedego Electric Bikes. You'll see the pier on the shore of the park. 

Bonus spot: Lyford Tower on your way out to Paradise Beach is a must-do. You'll frame yourself in the open window with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

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